Project 2030 is sponsored by the Sacred Heart Fathers (Dehonians) who take ultimate responsibility for it in union with the Church at the local, national and universal level. The Director and Chaplain is Fr Hugh Hanley SCJ, who began the group. It is open to all Catholics in their 40s and to others who accept the Catholic ethos.



There is no formal membership. Anyone in their 40s is welcome to get involved in groups, events, activities, etc. All you have to do is to request to be on the mailing list. There is no obligation to attend any specific events, though the more you get involved the more you will feel that the group belongs to you. Everyone is equal. There are no formal committees. Everyone's ideas are important, especially if you can put them into action. People from other areas, where there are no groups, are welcome to attend events in the nearest group and to take part in the joint events which are arranged for all the areas e.g. pilgrimages, holidays, retreats, weekends etc. 

The 40s groups work out their own area programme, according to their interests. This depends on individuals who are prepared to be organising contacts for meals, walks, retreats, evenings out, cinema, theatre, Masses, talks, etc. Anyone can suggest an idea, especially if they are able to put it into action. You can make the group what you want it to be. We try to suit all tastes with social and spiritual events both of general and minority interest. 

Everyone contributes to the sense of belonging in the group by their individual gifts, by their openness to others and the gift of friendship which welcomes everyone. No one should feel pressurised to organise anything, but we depend on those who are able to be diary secretaries, contacts for local events, organise larger events, etc. The generosity of people is remarkable, as well as the sense of community and looking out for each other. Things are well organised, yet the atmosphere is informal. 

Each of the Project 2030 groups has its own programme of events, which is co-ordinated by a diary secretary.  If you would like to organise an event contact the diary secretary with details. Think of something that you enjoy doing and would like to have others join you. You can always organise an event along with someone else. 

Every year there is a review meeting of each group to look at issues and direction. In between there are Think-Tank meetings which, again, everyone is welcome to attend. These look at issues that have arisen, plan for future programmes, and help maintain the spirit of the group. 

Project 2030 will continue to welcome new ideas that come from Catholics in their 40s. As individuals and as a group, we are not defined by what we do now but by what we can become. We will continue to look for ways to respond to the needs of people in their 40s inside and outside the group. 

Through Project 2030 we build up a sense of community and belonging to the Church. People become close friends, but we try and avoid being exclusive in any way. Only in exceptional circumstances would we invite some members of the group to an event that is not open to everyone. We are grateful for the benefits that we receive from the group, especially in meeting up with others of a similar outlook to ourselves, and we want to do all we can so that others can feel welcomed into the group and enjoy the same benefits that we have.  

One of our priorities will always be to do what is best for new people and to make them feel welcome, so that they know they can make a contribution to the life and development of the group right from the beginning.  

We believe that younger adults in the Church have a special contribution to make to our world today. We have chosen to continue as followers of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. The Church wants to listen to their experience and to learn from them how to move into the future. Where do we want to be in 2030? What kind of people do we hope to become? Where do we want to be in the year 2030? Where is God leading us in his love?


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